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Enjoy a relaxing nature walk in the woods. You may notice some interesting items...

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What is Lost & Found?

During the autumn, you love to escape to your small cabin in the woods. A few days ago there was a huge storm that scattered various items throughout the forest. This morning you decide to take a walk through the woods and end up encountering some interesting items. You decide to collect these items and spruce up your cabin. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Remember to take time to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery and snuggle up with your dog by the fireplace in your cabin.


Lost & Found is a wholesome, role-playing adventure game where you explore your surroundings and customize your cabin. The pleasing visuals and autumn aesthetic created a cozy vibe that can brighten anyone's day! 

What to expect


Customization mechanics that allow you to personalize your cabin based on personal preference.

Sensory Satisfaction

The mellow sound and aesthetically pleasing visuals enhance the pure and cozy experience of Lost & Found.


Exploring the woods has never been so fun. With minimal limitations, you can stroll through the woods to wherever you please.

Who is Lost & Found for?

Lost and found is a family-friendly game that is suitable for all ages. The underlying message of being grateful is perfect for younger children. Others might play Lost & Found to relieve stress and anxiety with the lax nature of the game.


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